Event Cover

We will be there to provide the care to a patient. In most cases after our first Aid care and some form filling most patients are able to carry on at the event.

In an Emergency situation we will provide the care needed until the ambulance service arrives, We like other event cover service are not there to replace the needs of an Ambulance in an emergency situation. Except in high risk events where an ambulance can be provided.


We provide our own communications and have several options depending the needs

Direct Radio Communications

Radio Communications via Wifi and 3/4G in larger areas

We also have mobiles phones as a backup

The communications required can be discussed at a later date.


All our staff come in a reflective green jacket making it clear they are part of the Events Responder Team as well as carry an ID badge.



Cost effective

We do our best to keep the cost as low as possible. If you already have First Aiders onsite and just need our services as the main front line responders then we may be able to reduce the number of our staff as long as your first aiders are willing to have communications on them in the event they are required to work with our team.


Risk Assessment

We can discuss the risks involved from our experience from such events and your experience based on previous events. There are a few things to think about.

How many people attending the event

How long the event is on for

Is it indoors or outdoor

The weather conditions

How far is your event from the nearest hospital


Next Steps...

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